Please enjoy the following testimonials from clients and collaborators Kristi has had the pleasure of working with.

Owner and Curator of Juli’Art Curating

Jcurating“I had the pleasure to work with Kristi in the organization of our last international art exhibition. It happened to be a great partner for the conception of our visual marketing materials. Kristi Beisecker understood immediately our vision for this event, and helped us build our visual identity as well as her reactivity was a great plus during our collaboration.”






Meghan Widger,
Owner of Hills & Thread


“I enjoyed getting to know a new artist and learning about your Electrography project. Collaborating two completely different skills and talents is such a fun experience. Not only did I learn a lot from you but I also gained a lot of inspiration from this project!”






Amy Jarczynski,
Founder & CEO Aroos Joon


“Kristi has worked with me for about 2 years now on freelance graphic design projects. She’s always very prompt and professional on all of her response times and deliveries and does a thorough job on everything. She’s also a very pleasant person in general, so I would think her personality would be well received by the clients or customers whom she would interact with. Kristi also has some unique creative ideas. ”






Alexis Williams,
Director of the Ayatana Artistic Research Program



“Kristi’s workshop was meticulously prepared. She provided all the materials and equipment needed for the each member of the group to produce several pieces related to their own research. We all enjoyed the fascinating experience she led.”





Lauren Pacosa,
Proprietor/Curator, Groundings LLC


“I had the pleasure of having Kristi’s works of art on display in my gallery space. I had a series of her “Electrography” (Kirlian Photography) pieces on display for the entire month of July 2014. The fan favorite from the collection was “Seaweed”. The arrangement of the subject matter, the contrast between dark/light and the whimsy that each of these pieces capture is truly something magical. Kristi is a very kind soul, who is extremely passionate about sharing her art with the world. She is imaginative, ingenious and inspirational. There is nothing this artist cannot accomplish when putting her mind to it.”






Sung Kim,
Cambridge Science Festival Coordinator



“At the Cambridge Science Festival, we aim to create a shared cultural festival from the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math experiences in our lives. Kristi Beisecker was a wonderful addition to our art and technology workshops in the 2014 science festival, engaging a diverse audience with her electrography work. Particularly the use of organic materials, plants and fauna, was effective and beautiful.”