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Retail Display
Retail Display

As an emerging artist, I was invited to participate in the Hyarts Shanty program located in Hyannis, MA. This was my first foray into visual merchandising and product display. I chose the turquoise color to emphasis that the artwork is created through electricity and water. This is important due to the location of Hyannis, MA being on a harbor. After having a positive experience during that week, I was encouraged to participate in more vendor opportunities, which led to my artwork on consignment in Seaporium, a local shop in Hyannis, MA and a one-day maker fair event on Cape Cod.







This ecommerce website houses my electrography lifestyle products. You can view the live version here:

11882392_2892264745998_8656277099626624516_o Spring 2015, I collaborated with Model Morgan Berard on a product photography shoot for the marketing materials for the Hyarts Shanty Week. The shoot was a success and the feedback was positive. The intention of the shoot was to help customers visualize themselves using the products with my electrography artwork on it. As it is a new photographic process, it isn’t in the marketplace and customers may have a hard time understanding. The styled shoot was to reflect the vibe and market niche my electrography artwork fits.





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