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The Impact of our Creations

The designs, journalism and networking efforts from K Glyphics Visual Marketing have a lasting impact during this crazy time of upheaval.



Our client; Style for Bliss is a subdivision of a parent company, called Voice for Earth 98bb8f_299aee0eb9c04004bdaf44554e9d370e.jpg_srz_698_459_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzInternational, which is part of the UN. VFEI is an international Non-profit organization with a mission to a just, healthier and sustainable society with basic needs of food, water and shelter for all, irrespective of color, caste, creed or race in any part of the human world.





fb5d0ef2-1794-4cc7-bc24-8bd86f4096ad-|-12-HELThrough the work with Aroos Joon they offer complimentary region – specific vendor listings to wedding professionals who extend their services to territories in turmoil in the Middle East.









K Glyphics Visual Marketing worked with Jul’art Curating in the production of an IG-abinternational exhibition GAIA which aimed to promote the global effects of the feminine within art, the environment and social injustice. The exhibition was meant to act as a dialogue in conjunction with the COP21 Summit in Paris, France. However, just days before the opening of the exhibition, the Paris terrorist attacks occurred. Despite the shock, horror and tragedy that swept the nation of France and the rest of the world; the spirit of Gaia still held strong in providing healing, strength and foresight and the exhibition became an outlet for such. As a result over 90 people came to the opening of the Gaia exhibition and the exhibition is projected to travel to Florence, Italy and other parts of Europe.










Back in Winter 2015/2016 I connected with Meghan Widger, owner of Hills and Thread on Instagram for a collaboration. We were both inspired by each other’s work and hopped on the opportunity to produce something together. I had been playing around with turning my black and white imagery into a mandala form and then have that printed on to fabric. I loved Meghan’s work with quilts and her fabric color choices and thought my artwork and her skills would create a fabulous wall-hanging! She developed several different 12985347_3074752308073_8999664223126705948_nones for her audiences. We have plans to develop this project down the road and hope to participate in a non-profit organization called Generation Next and their initiative; Uzi Moja. Uzi Moja is Swahili for “a single thread”. This thread which runs throughout every area of our lives is the grace of God through Christ. This project aims to share the gospel specifically through providing women of Kenya with a means of financial support through sewing.