“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

K Glyphics is a visual marketing firm that focuses on lifestyle, creative and inspirational (spiritual/wellness) design. Our clientele take a meditative approach to life and naturally this is reflected in our design that we conceive.


Responsive Graphic Design

With our extensive knowledge in the printing and web industries we strive to create responsive design whether it be for print or web; a coherent visual appearance is crucial for businesses in today’s dual society in print and web. Your brand identity will be functional across all content platforms.


The Zen Approach

lifestyle1Just like our clients we like to take a meditative approach to design. We take our time, let the creative energy flow through us. There is a place and time for fast-paced environments, but that isn’t us. We enjoy the creative process from start to finish and see how projects evolve and change over time. The creative spirit is an entity in itself and when oppressed it can’t speak.